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    Building project, what we need to know

    What we need to start a project (the best case)

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    What is eLearning for in Ukraine?

    In our fast changing digitalized world where one thing today will be totally different tomorrow, we cannot imagine our life without Internet, surfing which we meet new concepts like online education, distance learning, online courses etc in increasing frequency. And even among us there are people who have already tried this kind of adventure. The … Continue reading Home

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Why we?


Academy Smart is team of professionals in which every team member is an essential part of the one big unit.

Our products and solutions are appreciated by big companies and corporations all over the world. There are such companies among our Clients as Clodyn, Bitmedia GmbH,  SkyVision, Friday Institute, TUI Travel, Schaeffler Gruppe Rheinmetall, German Airforce, Roche Diagnostics and others.

The main strategic goal of our company is the satisfaction of all requirements of the Clients and providing services of the highest world standard. We care about our customers and always try to find the best solutions to meet the most sophisticated requirements considering the defined time frames and budget.

Academy Smart is one of the leading Ukrainian eLearning solutions providers.

We develop e-learning products and LMS using Moodle, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 technologies for enterprises, companies and private users.

We worth your choice because:

  • Deadline is the law. We work without weekends if the Client needs the solution to be done urgently.
  • Quality is our credo. The level of our solutions was appreciated by 34 big European corporations like TUI Travel, Schaeffler Gruppe Rheinmetall, German Airforce, Roche Diagnostics, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Südzucker AG CAE Electronic, 3 Banken Gruppe Austria and others.
  • You will always be understood. We speak 5 languages – English, Deutsche, Français, Russian, Ukrainian.
  • We march in step with time. We train developers. When you teach somebody you teach yourself at the same time. So, our qualification keep improving.
  • Your ideas will always be implemented favorably. Ordering complex solutions (site+mobile app+…) you will get 10% discount for the second product.
  • We are Ukrainian Europeans. Our solutions, created by Ukrainian developers, are in German TOP 5 eLearning solutions rating.
  • Our team is professional. 98% of our developers have specialized technical higher education. There are no bachelors, students or junior specialists what guarantees professional and qualified approach to the work.
  • Your risks are hedged. Choosing our company you hedge your risks. Signing all necessary documentation (NDA, Contract, Technical Specifications) gives you the possibility to defend yourself in force major situations what cannot be guaranteed by any freelancer.
  • You are always supported. We provide 3 months of free support of your project after its fulfillment and we are available for you 12 hours per day.
  • We are reliable partners. For already 5 years we successfully collaborate with one of the leading European eLearning solution providers – BitMedia e-solutions GmbH Austria.

Our Clients

  • Cloudyn
  • Bit Group
  • Brocker
  • Montana
  • Granat
  • Book Golf